Artist in Residence
Beaney House of Art & Knowledge
Jan–April 2017

I will be using The Armchair Residency at The Beaney to explore its collections and gain a deeper understanding of the myriad of histories and narratives, which intersect, reflect and oppose each other. I have particular interest in collections around the natural world. These reflect on the current concerns in my practice that include time, landscape and ideas of geological time and the new man made geological epoch we are now in, called the Anthropocene.

I see this residency as an opportunity to research and experiment further with the idea of film and sound as collage; dissecting scales, narratives and contexts. I wish to make an experimental short film that explores the crossover of film and printmaking through layering of sounds, textures, light, imagery and surface.

The blog I am writing during my residency can be seen here.

On Sunday 9th April, 2017 between 11am – 1.30pm I will be in The Learning Lab at The Beaney House Of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury,
screening a recent work A History Of The Receding Horizon and talking about the research during my residency at The Beaney, all are welcome