Everything Is Fleeing To Its Presence, 2018

will be exhibited in Anna Atkins Refracted: Contemporary Works September 28, 2018 - January 6, 2019 New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Prints and Stokes Galleries

Everything Is Fleeing To Its Presence is a binaural sound and slide installation-exploring visibility through the social political narratives of the colour Prussian Blue. The piece has developed from a residency at The Beaney House Of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury last year and will be exhibited at the New York Public Library in October 2018

Prussian Blues unique chemical structure gives it properties that has enabled it to be applied in a multitude of ways. It is the colour created through one of the first photographic processes called cyanotypes. It was the colour used to measure the blueness of the sky and it was used in the U.K. during the Chernobyl disaster as an antidote to radiation poisoning, preventing Caesium 137 entering the food chain.

Prussian Blue has also the ability to heal itself; if it’s loss is through light induced fading, it is able to recover its colour by being placed in the dark.

Part poem, part documentary, part autobiography, the narration explores these biological and cultural histories of this pigment through the metaphors of visibility and light. The narration has developed through my research and recognises private colour perception as well as more public scientific observations of Prussian Blue and its properties.

It Includes interviews with a chemist and my response to handling what is now regarded as the first photographic book Cyanotype Impressions published in 1843 by Anna Atkins. Intertwined within these is a more personal narrative of loss.

The visuals that will accompany the sound will be of a set of photograms on slides. Using the cyanotype process and exposing the paper for varying durations the photograms will be a series of empty tonal voids of Prussian Blue which will appear and disappear whilst the narration unfolds.