Grande Spagna, 2005

8 Monitor DVD Installation, Durations variable

Grande Spagna
Kathleen Herbert, 2005
8 Monitor DVD Installation, Various durations

Grande Spagna is a response to a period of research based at the Mission to Seafarers Centre, Avonmouth Bristol. The final work developed from a voyage on a cargo ship from Antwerp to Bristol and was exhibited at Huller House an empty dockside warehouse within the city centre.

The 8-monitor DVD installation shows a series of individual details from the journey, images, which persistently focus on the banal and everyday in this highly, technologised industry. But these images also offer clues to counteract the technological environment, clues which alluded to human needs of faith, hope, and belief.

The arrangements of the details within the space were in consideration to the site, choreographing the viewer to work in tandem with the piece.

Commissioned by Picture This Moving Image, Situations & Bristol City Council as part of Thinking Of The Outside a scattered site exhibition around Bristol City Docks.


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