How Far Is The Horizon, I – VI, 2020

Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle paper


How Far Is The Horizon, I-VI
Kathleen Herbert, 2020
Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle paper, Size 47 x 57 cm, Ed 5 + 1

How Far Is The Horizon,  are a series of details from photographic images looking through the Fresnel lenses of a lighthouse. The systems of lenses and light serve as maritime navigational and communication aids, marking dangerous coastlines. Providing short focal lengths they collect light that would otherwise escape to the sky or sea; concentrating it into a narrow horizontal pencil beam.

Standing where the lamp was situated Kathleen looks outwards through these engineered lenses through the details of light being reflected and refracted to offer a small glimpse of the world beyond that of the interior. Revisiting these images during lockdown whilst confined to her house Kathleen explores an abstract ethereal painterly quality to these structures offering open-ended possibilities.


  • 25yrs, Danielle Arnaud London (online exhibition) 2020 Info